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Homeopathy researches  usually going on in three fields: mind, emotion and body (corpus). usually mental and emotional researches based on symptoms but body dependent researches, based on signs, symptoms and paraclinical analysis therefore the latter studies  are more credible.

Homeopathy is a holistic medicine and we try study about homeopathic drugs effect in different fields. three disease are in more attention in our studies: diabetes, urticaria and migraine and recently, leukemia.

All of this studies are open-label, uncontrolled, observational, prospective, clinical trials and  are continuing form 2 years ago.

Primary result, in one of this studies,  in patients with urticaria shows that the one solution dose of homeopathy Apis 30C  remedy in comparison chlorpheniramin (4mg tds for 2days) is 87% effectiveness. This homeopathy remedy can removed urticaria symptoms and decrease blood circulation eusinophl cells and IgE to normal level in less than 48 hours in all patients and in some patients that had skin prick test, sometimes this test came negative in future follow up. Also follow up 1 and 3 month after were satisfactory without recrudescence.

All of this studies are continuing to reach acceptable sample volume.